let’s talk about Make Money Blogging.

If you ask hundreds of Hindi bloggers that Who can make money with their own blog? What do you think will be the answer?

I told you without having to guess it. Thirty in a hundred people will answer that they can do it and are doing But may not have enough to live with income here And five in a hundred people will step forward to tell you that He can earn money from a blog without just earning money from a regular job.

It is gone If doing English blogs But if doing Hindi language, it must be done before the next one year. Who knows what will happen?

Of course,

the path would not be so close that anyone could easily reach. But it is not that far beyond reach If you want enough money on the online world You also have to give time to it.

Like every business on this planet But it’s good that a blog that can make money doesn’t require a lot of time from you.

Just 20-30 minutes should be enough to write interesting articles for others to read each day. If you are not using a blog for promotion or helping a business or use to write a personal diary or play it, it is only left to you.



Making Money Blogging with it Which is what thousands of Hindi people are doing quietly

The advantage of earning money for blogs is Blogs can allow you to earn money without having to know anything about web creation or technical stuff.

And earn money even without any business or business before Plus, you still don’t have to worry about competitors.

Next to compete for customers Because making money with a blog or website It’s not the money that comes from the scramble.

After attacking competitors But most will come from your efforts that can do a lot Do as little as possible You can choose to penetrate the market segment that will block anything that people have not done too much, but it is something that has some interest.

Which is known as the Niche (Niche) or sub-market penetration

Then became interested in blogging (Write or find interesting articles to put on the blog) without having to care about other people’s blogs that they can make much money.

Just watching to cheer is enough.

Which your blog will be a group or sergeant, it is in the information that you give the blog to see how useful Which will result in a lot of people reading When there are many people coming to read The money will be followed by the audience.

From ad clicks or purchases from billboards or banners that you have posted on your blog Unlike the idea of asking for a million baht for each other, the more traffic you have (the audience), the more chances of blogging to make money.

But first, let’s see that What are the different advertising services that will give you money from advertising?

1. Affiliate Marketing



Affiliate Marketing is the relatively easier and lesser challenging method to monetize your blog

especially when you are starting out and don’t have any product of your own to sell.

Even Flipkart and Amazon don’t sell their own products on their websites but they make a

commission when a sale happens through them. They are the biggest affiliate marketers.

In this method, you promote other products by placing their links on your website and

whenever any of your visitors purchase the product you make a commission on it. You have the

choice to choose the products that you want to promote.

For instance, I curated a list of my favorite books and linked to Amazon so that interested

people can buy these books. Below is a snapshot showing how I earned small affiliate

commissions when some of my readers bought these books from Amazon by clicking on my


There are many affiliate networks out in the market that cover a whole range of niches and

products. Some of the leading affiliate networks ( including specifically catering to India ) that

you could join are


You will find thousands of companies listed under a single network. You can filter as per

category, country, and currency to see companies in a specific niche. Some companies pay

a fixed commission per sale while others pay the percentage of the sale. You will find the cost per lead and

cost per impression offers as well.

Now that you have an understanding of how affiliate marketing works, let me share some tips

that have helped me generate $3000 affiliate income every month.

  • Don’t get overwhelmed by applying to every other affiliate network on the planet. Apply

to a few popular ones that you understand.

  • Only promote those products on your blog that are relevant to your niche.
  • Only recommend those products to your audience that you have used and that you

understand well.

  • Include a disclosure that you receive an affiliate commission whenever your audience

buys the product recommended by you.

  • Paid traffic from Google, Facebook works only when you are confident of making $2

affiliate income for every $1 spending on Ads. Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense.


2. Advertisements (Google Adsense and Display Ads)


3 Proven Way To Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging with Advertisement


Adsense is the easiest but the lesser profitable way to monetize your blog. It’s largely suitable

for news, media, and entertainment type of websites and blogs. If you have thousands of traffic

on your website but don’t know enough about your audience then Adsense is good for you.

To get thousands and millions of visitors every month, you have to follow the best SEO practices to

dominate google ranking.

( Google Ads Like This Below Here )

Still, I don’t prefer to put Ads on my website because I don’t want to spoil the user experience. I

hate Ads and my audience also hate Ads. (I use Ads only when I have to test & compare the Ad

results with other money channels)

But media and entertainment companies don’t have many choices to make money other than


Google Adsense is one of the most popular ad networks through which you can monetize your

blog by displaying such Ads if you are a media blog.

You can decide which types of ads fit your blog best and where these ads appear.

Tips that have helped me to generate Ads revenue

  • Strategic placement of ads is very important for you to maximize views and clicks and in

turn the ad revenue. So, place your ads strategically in between the content, at the end

of the content, and above your post.

  • Avoid displaying the Ads on the sidebar as they rarely get good click rates.
  • Focus on increasing the quantity as well as the quality of your traffic for the higher visit to click

ratio. As your traffic increases, your income from Ads will increase exponentially.

  • Although tempting, never click on your own ads as Google would suspend your Adsense


3. Freelance Blogger


3 Proven Way To Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging with Freelance Writing


If you are a blogger, you already have the skills and credibility to do freelancing- for other blogs

or companies. This comes in handy when you are just about getting traffic and making some or

no money from your blog.

I did freelancing in the initial months when my blog was still not making money.

There are many companies and media platforms that are looking for freelance bloggers who

could write for them. For instance, I wrote many articles for media platforms, for startups and for

bloggers – where I charged them Rs 2000 to Rs 10,000 per post.

There are many such bloggers who are making at least Rs 50,000 per month from freelancing.

Depending upon your skill set and whom you are writing for, you could be writing articles,

product-related content, blogs, sales copies, newsletters, landing pages, and so on.

Initially, you can guest post for free for top blogs in your industry and big media platforms.

Although you are writing for free, you are getting an intangible return in the form of building you

own brand value.

Later, your published work on branded websites along with your own blog will help you win you

a lot of clients with ease.

Get Into Action Now


I have just shown you the tip of the Make Money Blogging. There is so much to explore in internet marketing.

I am also learning new skills and see a bright future of digital marketing in India.

You have to take a little action every day to become successful. Read blogs, books and go through a couple of courses on marketing. Practice whatever you learn even if you fail in the initial days.

Success comes to those who are not afraid of falling down multiple times.



I hope you find yourself in the same situation but now after reading this post and try all the effective 3 Proven Way To Make Money Blogging.

After trying all these methods you did not suffer from the lack of money as a Blogger.

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