Learn Easiest Ways How To Start Saving Money

By | September 23, 2019

Learn How To Start Saving Money

One of the easiest ways to start saving some money at home is to save your loose change. There is a technique on how to go about it.

So How Do You Start?

Get a transparent piggy bank or container. It will be best if you can lock it or even better if you have to break it to get the money out.

Label the container. Some suggestions are “Financial Freedom Fund”, “Get Rich Fund” etc.

Put the container in a prominent place at home for example on your study desk, beside your bed so that you can see it every day.

What you should do?

Whenever you purchase something, do not pay in actual amount. Round up to the nearest dollar and keep your loose change in your pocket, coin pouch or purse. For example, if the item costs $9.20, pay $10.00 instead of $9.20 or $10.20 and keep the $0.80 change.

When to Put in Money?

When you reach home, the very first thing you should do is to empty these coins into your “Financial Freedom Fund” or whatever you named it.

How Often do You Put in Money?

Everyday!!! You want to make saving money a habit. Everything is a habit, even saving money.

What if You Do Not Have Loose Change That Day?

No problem, just whip out your wallet or purse and put in a note, whatever amount will do. More if you afford it.

Keep putting in the money and watch it grow. The law of attraction works this work, the more money you put in, the faster the money grows and as the money grows, you will tend to want to put in more money.

When Can You Take Out the money?

Never!!! You are not allowed to take out the money.

Just kidding. You should only take out the money when the amount is substantial. A guide will be more than half the container. Never take out all the money too. Leave some money in it as a Seed or Magnet.

The funny thing is if you see the money inside, you would want to put in more money. If the container is empty, it loses its magnetic appeal and its depressing to start all over again and some people might just stop the habit. Law of Attraction at work again.

What Should You Do With the Money?

You must not spend the money (unless for emergencies of course). Instead, the money should be put into an interest-bearing account and grow more money. This account can be used for investment later when it reaches a larger amount.



Here We Discuss Saving money Through Different Ways.

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