7 Different Ways to Getting Paid

By | May 22, 2019

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Money Makers, How many times you think I wanna do something different for making money or for getting more paid for myself. People give value for my value, not for my time.

So here is That today we are talking about the brand new topic, in the last one we talk about 35 Way to Make Extra Income (Passive Income).

But today I am presenting to you a new article. 7 Different ways of getting paid. in the last one I am talked about multiple streams of income and in this one, I am presented you multiple ways of getting paid.

In the past, I had told how you can make money in different ways. but some people find it wrong. maybe that is. because this is a reality, not a sci-fiction movie. wherein you become rich in just 3 hours.

multiple streams income or passive income really work if you wanna do it. because its contain some time and maybe a lifetime. I don’t know how it contains. we will discuss this in any other article.

so, here we are talking about 7 different ways of getting paid. this one is not telling you anyone else but I am telling you. help with it you will earn more, more and more money. with this, you can earn 5,6 and 7 figures amount.

Ways of Getting Paid

  1. Pay Per Hour

  2. Pay Per Week/Month

  3. Pay Per Project

  4. Pay By Transaction

  5. Pay By Royalties

  6. Pay By Recurring

  7. Pay By Results

These are those ways of getting paid. how these getting paid I will explain to you.

1. Pay Per Hour

In this one organization, authority and person paid for your time or your working hours.

This amount is an insanely low or small amount. In this one, you get a Job-like pulling carton, Paperboy in the office. These jobs are sucks and not interested. But if you have a common sense and either you know a little bit about the Internet then you can make money by pay per hour.

Therefore you need a little bit of Skills and then register you as a freelancer and get work. And that person who gives you the opportunity he paid you for your time with this you can earn money according to your work.

On the Internet have many different websites which provide you with skill and freelancing work. You can search on the Internet.

2. Pay Per Week/Month

Pay per week or month is the most common way of getting paid.

97% of the world population doing this. In other words, we call it SALLERY. It’s the easiest way to get paid. Maybe you get paid by this way right now.

As human money is a need for us in this era. Pay per week or pay per month complete our money needs. We will do the Job, we did work like a machine in other organization, company or under someone.

In this way, if you want to be a rich person then you have only one choice to work on a high paying job. iconfinder_target_job_seeker_employee_unemployee_work_2620498

BONUS TIP: School or colleges teach us only two ways of getting paid. They will not teach you how to get paid by the other five ways. But you don’t worry about this because here I am telling you that other 5 different ways of getting paid.

3. Pay Per Project

Like an individual doctor, lawyers, trainers, builders, and consultants getting paid by the project.

Maybe you did not agree with me but that’s a truth. Every time they have a client or patient as their project. Once they did their job then they find new projects for making more money.

It’s like a networking business. First, you build your network and you can make money. but nowadays build the network is so easy with social media. Like Facebook, LinkedIn, And Instagram.


4. Pay Per Transactions

You are definitely shocked if you know the reality of pay by transactions.

let’s start

I want you to think about eBay, I want you to think about PayPal, Amazon, Flipkart, master card, and visa. every time you use these for any kind of transactions. they took a place of little bit commission on every single transaction.

every time you use these they do not provide you with any service except convenience. then they charge us little bit money and that money that little money make billions of dollar or trillions of dollars like Amazon.

5. Pay By Royalty

Like the author,

I wrote a book and publish on Amazon, ebook or Audible.com. Every single time maybe you are my fan you get my book then I get a little Royalty every single month.

Like songwriters they pay by Royalty, movie maker sometimes Director, Actor, Actress they did the action they pay by royalties.

If you create a Royalty paying system you can pay when you sleep. Like this article, if you read now then you give me attention and now I am getting paid when I am sleeping and you get an experience of knowledge. With this method, you get paid 24/7 hour a week.

6. Pay By Recurring.


I love Recurring Model Business. it’s also called subscription Business Model.

Like Netflix, Cable or Internet connection. It’s like building costumer as a habit consumption.

Once they use then again they will use and this process again and again and again repeated.its called recurring process.

like a gym membership, in a gym limit is 500 people but you acquired 1500 people. because you know every one come to me in a different time and different period.

The recurring business model best example is rental properties.

7. Pay By Results

Get pay by Result.

I said about entrepreneurs they will pay by results. Even they have any idea and they work on it and produced a result on a marketplace. And take it to the marketplace. In the market, if people like and buy the result, then they will be paid. That’s pay By results.

As an example just imagine, I have a company that sales ten Million Dollar per year but I want to Twenty Million Dollar sales per year. In this case, now I need to create the result of Twenty Million Dollar sales then people or investor pay me. they pay me not for my hard work, they pay me for my results of generating more sales revenue. That’s pay by results.

Another major thing is if you think maybe you cannot produce results then you are not getting paid.

yes, you are right if you can not generate results then you cannot generate money.

like, if you want to royalty then first is you will write a Book. Maybe you can write a book in one day or in a one year. It does not matter if you want to royalty income then you should write a Book and then publish that book, people buy it. then you give money as

iconfinder_Money-Increase_379473royalty. then you getting paid. it’s not a quick and instant. like swiping visa card, its always need time.


Rich people always and also pay by these last 5 ways not by above 2 ways.

why because it does not teach us in school. they did not teach us how to make money by Recurring income, Royalties income and by transactional income.

They teach us only above 2 ways to getting paid, generate money through Pay Per Hour and Pay Per Week/Month. Schools designed to Become us slave. The school designed for making us worker, who works for fulfilling another person dreams.

School and colleges manufacture Millions of Tons of workers every year.


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