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7 Different Ways to Getting Paid

Hi, Money Makers, How many times you think I wanna do something different for making money or for getting more paid for myself. People give value for my value, not for my time. So here is That today we are talking about the brand new topic, in the last one we talk about 35 Way… Read More »

Top 11 Myth About Money

You really wanna be a rich person or be a wealthy person in your street, society, national and an international level. So why you can’t do that. What will stop you? You have not money, lack of confidence or self-esteem etc. If you have a money problem then you can earn and if you have… Read More »


The novelty of things like the new year’s Resolution is an amusing approach setting Goal. But the inherent problem is that this type of off-the-cuff Goal setting doesn’t usually entail a tremendous amount of planning. That’s generally why the vast majority of Resolutions not actualized. If you have an image of where you want to… Read More »