Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog

By | May 22, 2019

Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog

“The secret of success is the consistency of purpose.” –Benjamin Disraeli.”

Once I started my own business, my friends and former co-workers always asked me, “So what is it that you do now?” At first, I was stumped. So I decided what I needed was a “mission statement”.

According to Wikipedia “A mission statement is a formal short written statement of the purpose of a company or organization.” For more Information Click Here.

Defining Your Overall Purpose of Blogging:-

I discovered that a mission statement helps tell the world why you exist as a business. And this helps to balance your own professional goals in relation to your blog or small business website.

And also want to literate people about money and financial terms which is mostly used in everyday life and being able to live life as they want without any money related pressure.

To discover my mission statement, I started off with this formula, “I do specific things for specific people that helps them obtain specific benefits or results.” If my formula doesn’t work for you can try out several “Mission Statement” tools online. Just Google “build a mission statement” for more help.

Once you have defined your mission statement, you can use it to narrow down and work on developing your goals.

Setting Your Goals Blogging:-

Goal setting is next on the list of things to do.

Think of your ultimate purpose or mission statement as a road map.

It should guide your business or organization’s overall actions and decisions plus give you and your team a sense of direction.

Your goals are the things you must undertake in order to have a successful trip.

Here is a list of 7 Very Good Goals for Any Small Business Website or Business Blog

Business Blogging Goal 1 – Creating an Online Presence

Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog

In 2017 Google announced that it had some 80,100,000,000 web pages in their databases and indexes. In 2009, the UN announced that it reckoned there are just 6,800,000,000 in the world. This means that the Internet has over a page of stored data for every man or woman or child in the world.

As you can see the Internet is huge. It has become the largest archive and potential repository of human knowledge in all of recorded history.

And when counting eCommerce, it is also the largest marketplace ever invented.

This trend to move more and more commercial sales and human knowledge online will increase. The wave is coming.

Business Blogging Goal 2 – Connect with Your Clients, Customers, and Prospects

Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog

It’s a matter of high tech vs. high touch. Internet technology allows you to connect with people faster, and easier than ever before. People want to know more about you and your business.

It is natural for folks to want to bond with and stay in contact with other people who they feel they know, like and trust.

You can learn to use the Internet to create viable communities around your products and services.

Business Blogging Goal 3 – Share Your Organizational News and Information with the Public and the Media

Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog

Ask Tiger Woods…right or wrong, this works. We all know Tiger has “hidden” behind his personal blog statements since his scandal has broken out. Making contact with the media via an online presence is a lot less nerve-racking than a personal interview or live press conference, especially if the news is negative.

Business Blogging Goal 4 – Sell Company Products or Services, Locally or Internationally

Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog


eBay paved the way and now people from around the world routinely buy and sell products and services from each other. While international import/export laws still must be enforced, small items from the small seller to individual buyer pass through customs quickly and easily.

And digital products can pass even the most hostile of borders with the click of a mouse. And with Paypal and other online based payment processors, money from all nations can be turned into little digital bits for easy payment.

Business Blogging Goal 5 – Provide Customer Service & Support 24/7

Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog

No more costly call center or technical support processes. By archiving information in FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) or knowledge bases and by using simple web forms, you can now handle a majority of your customer support issues cheaply and quickly.

Business Blogging Goal 6 – Service a Local or Global Niche Marketplace

While many licensed professional services are bound by laws of geography and a specific governing body, many other services can work with a much wider market than ever before.

Small service professional can either work with a specific niche market (like web design just for dental practices in the US, Canada) or web design for non-profits in a specific state or region say, North Carolina or South Carolina.

Business Blogging Goal 7 – Educate the Public about Your Products or Services

Business Blogging Purpose & Goals For Your Blog

As I mentioned before, one of the reasons people surf the web is to obtain information. And over and over again, people have discovered that online “teaching sells”.

By taking the time to create educational materials and content, you can attract attention to your business, organization or cause. A saying from Japan goes like this, “When you light the path for another, you also light the path for yourself.”

How it will Increase your Financial Intelligence About Business Blogging

Today’s world everything is Money. Every Text, Photos, Link, Article and Content is money. Business Blogging based on these things. Business Blogging is a Great source of income. If you want FREE Blogging Guide Kindle eBook Click Here.

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After trying all these methods you did Able to start and run Blog about Business.

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