7 Reason You Will Never Getting Rich in Life.

By | May 22, 2019

7 Reason You Will Never Getting Rich in Life.

97% of the population in debt or broke at the age of 65 and not getting rich. Only 3% succeed Financially.

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97%of people Broke and they always stay Broke because of these reasons.

The Poor Mindset for not Getting Rich

  • 1. I don’t think money is important.
  • 2. The school never taught you about money and wealth.
  • 3. Your parents never taught you about money, and how money works.
  • 4. You were never taught How to make money beyond the job.
  • 5. The mainstream media and advertisement want you to consume.
  • 6. You have a negative association with rich people
  • 7. You never will take full responsibility for your own Financial Future.

  •  I don’t think money is important

You heard its people said money is not everything.

you know people usually say this. And then what happen they had none money. Money is not everything but money is very very important in life.

Money makes the world move, money takes care of your family, money gives you security, money gives you comfort, money is just a tool nothing more.

Imagine you say to your girlfriend, Boyfriend or you Spouse Hey, “actually you are not important for me”. Guess how they stick around with you. No long.

So similarly just imagine money is a person and you said, “money, you not important for me”. then what you think money stick around with you, absolutely not dear.

If you will say this for money then you have no money, not now, not in the future or not in your whole life. So change your opinion about money. Money is absolutely important in everyone life.

Not only you thousands of people have myths about money. I am considered all of the myth in this article: Top 11 Myth About Money. For more information check it out.


  •  The School not taught about Money and Wealth

7 Reason You Will Never Getting Rich in Life.

just remember your school day.

Chemistry 101, biology 101, mathematics 101, investing 101, the way of wealth 101. Those courses just exist.

Because the school system design to teach you how to become a slave. Nice complying worker.

See that why your professor not rich, Your instructor not rich even your school principal not rich. Then how they could teach you to be rich. If they were not rich themselves.


  •  Your parents never taught you about money and how money works

You see the other wealthy families will be their child childhood learners from growing up.

You did not pick up the right to believe about wealth, about money and about successful people.

Maybe your parents will love you. They want best for you however they did not qualify to give your business or financial advice.

And guess what because you love your parents and listen to them when you come to money.

That’s why you did not become too rich.

  • You were never taught how to make money beyond a job

Thinking back to your teenager and then you wanna make some money. You wanna some allowance.

You wanna buy that car, you wanna buy that thing, you wanna go to vacations and hang out with friends.

So go to your parents and ask themselves, “I want to make some money”. And they said, “SO GO GET A JOB”. How do you make money by getting a job? That not the only way to get money.

First You see and understand how money works. Money earning is nothing that by-product of sharing value with other people.

As long as you create value for marketplace you can rent a service or product in exchange for money.

For instead of trading your idea, not for some hours of the dollar. You can trade your idea in millions of dollars.

  •  The mainstream media and advertisers want you to consume

7 Reason You Will Never Getting Rich in Life.

Why did you consume so that you better control?

Starting with a young age you were talking about spending money to you don’t have. You buy the thing you don’t need, to impress people even you don’t like in your life.

You want to buy toys for your kids, then swipe a credit card. You can’t buy this one because you did not afford it, but you buy that car by using the second credit card.

Borrow money from your mortgage is perfectly normal to have some debt to lots of debt, that’s a problem of whole the world.

That’s why families are heavily in debt.

When you are in the debt then you are controlled by media and by the financial institutions those controlled by the bank.

  •  You have a negative association with rich people

Top 11 Myth About Money

Why, because your brainwashed by the media, by your family, by your friends.

That’s rich people greedy, they are mean, they are arrogant, and they are evil. If you ordered rich people in this category then you are from those people who make sure stay broked.

You don’t wanna be one of those people.

You don’t wanna be one of those greedy people. You don’t wanna be one of those evil people. Great, then what you wanna be you wanna stay Broke whole life. No.

so my question is here now till the time you broked? I think you not. Comment your answer in the comments box. Or if it is true then don’t worry it’s no big deal.


  •  You never take full Responsibility for your own Financial Future

You see 97% to always like to bitch or complaint about their financial situation, they always being a victim or pointing a finger to others.

They don’t know to point a finger to someone else. Then three fingers pointing to yourself.

And unless until taking full Responsibility. You know what I am gonna do something.

I want you to think about how many hours you watching TV and watching Netflix Versus How many hours you spend to study Finance, Business, Money, and How Money Works.

I want from you to compare the time you invested.

Think about it most people spend entire life and time work for money yet. They never spend a few hours then the whole life burning how money works.

Those are seven reasons why most people never get rich.

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I hope you find yourself in the same situation but now after reading this post and try all the effective ways on Mention above.

After trying all these methods you did not suffer from the lack of money.

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