7 Killer Ways to Make Money online

By | May 22, 2019

How to Make Money online?

I think many people when thinking about make money online. They make this procedure so difficult and complicated.

Thinking so many steps and models, strategies as so many different tactics.

Today I’m giving you some clarity.

Make Money Online with E-commerce

E-commerce is a referring to selling like Amazon, Shopify or selling a physical product.

Maybe you get it from China and alibaba.com then selling products on eBay and other E-commerce business platform.

E-commerce is the profitable business model however you also is wonder required you almost online of capital experience.

Now you doing customer service, you are dealing with the images and photos maybe you driving to traffic. You treat your Ecommerce site as more sales and affiliate deals but your margin is not very very high.

Because you selling physical product B2C model (Business to the customer) so you need to sell stuff is a lot of volumes to make any sign of money amount.

Make Money Online With Dropshipping

What if you don’t have a product.

What if you don’t have any money or capital.

Then what you do so drop shipping is the Great model.

Lots of people making a Decent amount of money with this model. This model basically works with wholesalers and a distributor. They have a product they have fulfillment.

What you do is you work did as a marketer. You driving traffic through social media, Email marketing with your website or blog.

This set up like a virtual storefront in Shopify. You click and order then that order sends to wholesaler automatically. They will be shipped for you. They will charge you handling fee $3 to $5.

That how you make money. Your margin very thin because you selling one item in one time. You have to be very careful about how much you will spend for acquired each customer with drive traffic. How much money you spend acquired each visitor to your store.

In this, your matrix is not very very well because of this thing. You can spend the whole bunch of money and taking the risk. The wholesalers and Distributors have no Risk.

They have an only profit of products who are you will sell. As a marketer as a Dropshipping Business model deal the marketing and funded in marketing and you will pay after you close the sale.

Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

I love affiliate marketing.

That’s how I will now make a little bit of money.

Now what beautiful in affiliate marketing in you acting like a middle person.

You not required your own products you just choose a handful and great Product you believe in. You have not to settle inventory, you haven’t deal with fulfillment.

You all have to deal with a focus on being a good middle person to sell this product online.

And you can test different traffic sources. You can use paid traffic or organic traffic. Drive them to your affiliate product and that’s it.

You measure and track the performance then you able to get commission cheque every single month.

Even after all this until this day for the worked days, two, three or five years ago I am getting paid.

At least it provides nice streams of income, I use this now and I love the affiliate marketing model.

But one catch in order to an affiliate marketing you have to be a good marketer.

No matter what you doing, you doing online type marketing. After know, you are working in it’s not an easy thing but it is easier than other ways to make money online.

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Make Money Online With Software Business

Now software business is a huge business online.

This business model absolutely scalable if you know what you doing.

Companies making millions of dollars and 10 millions of dollars.

I’m talking about a future, you could be an active campaign, you could go to the meeting, hosts, and tracking software. Which is solve the problem in the marketplace.

This is why software business model is powerful? Because it doesn’t matter you sell to one customer or 10,000 customers. It’s the same product replicate to many many users at the same time.

This technology now you can hire Web developer and designer.

Problem is your software is not done then you burn hundreds of dollars before getting a return. Therefore software is a powerful way to make money online.

Make Money Online With Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the Advertising Program.

That allows running ad on your website, blog and your YouTube channel. Then you get paid when visitors click on them.

The ads are generated from Business that use Google Adword.

Now with Google, you need to have a lot of traffic, maybe you can create some kind of blog, it’s through your YouTube channel but you need a lot of visitors to make any significant amount of money.

The good thing is Free to join,

but the downside is you need to create a lot of content in order to create a decent amount of income or to maintain a good income.

So it’s another way to make money online but it’s not as good as it used to be.

Make Money Online With Expert Business

Here we are talking about packaging your expertise, your skills, your knowledge, your passion into some kind of a product.

I’m talking about online courses, about training programs, also about service that you could provide maybe you are a digital marketer.

You are running a social media agency.

You are doing any type of program that enhances people Business, enhances those lives, that’s the expert Business.

Make Money Online With YouTube

Here with YouTube,

YouTube is also like Google AdSense because YouTube is a product of Google.

you think about YouTube could put everything together for you.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce Business you could create Demonstration videos and upload them to YouTube and in the description, you can drive all that traffic back to your eCommerce site you can do.

Also, tutorials teaching people how to use your product on YouTube as well as.

If you’re in a drop shipping Business it is the same thing. You can have various keywords different types of videos on YouTube that people are searching for the right.

then they watch the video after watching they see the product and then click on a link and they could go to your website your virtual storefront and buy from you and then when you get an order you can send that to your wholesalers and they can fulfill the order for you as well and remember.

We also talked about the affiliate marketing business now because the affiliate marketing business is so competitive.

If not just you as an affiliate promoting that particular offer for particular products one of the ways you can make yourself stand out instead of just driving traffic to their offer directly in between you can drive them to your email list where you are educating informing your potential through content building their trust and then they want to learn more about it.

Why YouTube is Best for Making Money Online

They click on the link and after that, they could buy your affiliate offer as well as since you can combine that obviously with youtube because Google owns YouTube.

YouTube also using the Google Adsense platform.

Your expert Business, Software. If you want to reach a mass market very-very quickly.

you can easily run ads on YouTube and giving away maybe a free trial the Freemium model for your software and from YouTube, they could see it.

you can reach millions and millions of people just like that and from there you can get a lot of users even you want to test your product.

You want to see how if you like the software that’s one way to do and why I think YouTube if you have a strong YouTube channel you can combine all these ways to making money into this one.

If you have a strong YouTube channel you will enhance any of these revenue streams that you have right now.


Above I’m explaining how to make money online by using ofInternet. Nowadays the internet is a great source to connect with Different kind of people. Another way you can make money with the help of the Internet.

These days thousands of people become Millionaire.

Then why you Wait.

And I Hope you like this. If you like this Like, Comment, And Share It.

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