35 Way to Make Extra Income (Passive Income)

By | May 22, 2019

You become financially free when your passive income exceeds your expenses. ~ T Harv Aker

Yes, you are right. Today we are talking about passive income or Multiple Income Streams. According to Wikipedia every millionaire have average 7 streams of income.

They earn in different ways. Earn from their business, stock, real estate, job, royalties or bonds, and funds. They create passive income or multiple income streams. With the help of passive income or multiple income streams, they are rich and stay rich.

So Question is, you have multiple income streams?

If not.

Don’t worry here I am telling about some income stream.

You try to do and become a millionaire. You can do one of them and maybe you can do all of them.

Here I’m telling you some income stream. They are 100% legal or genuine. Thousands of people make money from these streams and they make four, five and six digits income. And that’s Huge

35 Way to Make Extra Income (Passive Income)

Here those ways where you earn some extra money online Earning

  • Online Earning
  • Offline Earning

  • Online Earning Ways

  •  Doing Affiliate marketing
  •  Doing Blogging
  •  Resell Products
  •  Products selling online
  •  Creating an ebook
  •  Crypto Mining
  •  Build applications
  •  From Dropshipping
  •  Create a Youtube Channel
  •  Content Marketing
  •  Create a membership only Community
  •  Run a paid Subscription service
  •  Buying and Selling Websites
  •  Freelancing
  •  Sell courses Online and Offline
  •  Amazon FBA
  •  Podcasts and Promote Brands
  •  Social media marketing Through
  •  Run Digital marketing agency
  •  Become influencer
  •  invest in Stock


  • Offline Earning Ways

  •  Buy Bonds and securities
  •  Rent out your property
  •  invest in Stock
  •  Buy Dividend
  •  Create a membership only Community
  •  Vending machine Business
  •  Be a tutor
  •  Own ATM Business
  •  Peer to Peer Lending
  •  Rent out your car
  •  Silent Business Partner
  •  Running your Own Store
  •  Run Business
  •  Network Marketing
  •  Insurance agent
  •  Doing Job


Here I’m talking about 35 way. where you can earn money and become financially free yourself. make passive income and generate money.

I know lots of people said to me that just points. what a guarantee that will work.

Don’t worry guys I am covering all of them in my ongoing post one by one.

Now you can understand properly.

I have mentioned all the details in the ongoing post so you can understand it and I’m telling on that post how you can start and earn money and who earns millions on that field. And how they earn.

If you wanna know about it how you can create a passive income source and become yourself financially free.

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